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Vision Expedition!

This is more than just a virtual vision board party.  It's an entire workshop that will help you explore and gain clarity!

Join me for a Vision Expedition!   We'll create a board based upon completing an expedition of your desires and values.  Think of it like uncovering a valuable treasure.  Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction?  It states that what you think about is what you attract.  Think about it, athletes do it all the time to prepare for big events.  Corporate leaders use it to create objectives and strategies that drive business.  And you can use it too by understanding what you desire and then creating a Vision for it.


Here's what you'll get:

  • A package in the mail that contains fun things to help you create your board as we go along including the board, and some fun elements.  

  • Workshop content in your email each week for five weeks that will allow you to explore You!  Trust me when I tell you that you will uncover exciting things that will help you get clarity.

  • Participation in a members only Facebook group in which I'll post content to discuss the concepts for each week and group discussion topics to give you more opportunity to work through your vision.

  • Ideas for your vision board.  I'll ask you to collect clippings from magazines, social media and other materials to contribute to your masterpiece.  

  • On week five we'll have a virtual party and create our boards together and share what we've learned.  


Start collecting your fancy markers, glue stick, and magazine clippings!  The price includes all of the workshop materials I'll provide and the postage for your ​package.    

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