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Dream You!

When was the last time you dreamed just for you? Think about it, I'm not talking about dreaming for your kids, your job and peers, or to solve a problem, but really, truly, dream for you! This is a workshop that will help you explore your dreams and gain clarity.  At the end of the workshop you'll walk away with a map of your dreams and actions for how to begin to achieve them!


Maybe you’re thinking what dreams? I have no earthly idea what my dreams are anymore.  Maybe you have an inkling, a spark inside but you aren’t sure you can do it, or think it’s not really possible.  I'm here to tell you that you can dream no matter where you are in life and no matter what age, AND you can make those dreams come true!

Think of this online workshop like a treasure hunt for your dreams.  Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction?  It states that what you think about is what you attract.  Athletes do it all the time to prepare for big events.  Corporate leaders use it to create objectives and strategies that drive business.  You can use it too!  It’s possible when you gain understanding about what you desire and then shift your energy while creating action to achieve your dream!

Here's what you'll get:

  • An introductory online survey and responsive email that will allow you to begin to explore your dreams.  

  • Workshop content and activities in your email each week for four weeks that will allow you to explore!  Trust me when I tell you that you will uncover exciting things that will help you get clarity. 

  • Instructions to create your dream map, using what you learn in your exploration, that will guide you well into the future!  

  • Participation in a Facebook group in which I'll post content to discuss the concepts for each week and group discussion topics to give you more opportunity to work through your dream map.  Get into community with like minded dreamers!

  • Work on your own time.  Participation in the group will help you explore further through online coaching and group conversation.  

  • Opportunities to jump start your dreams with special offers that will allow you to further uncover specific ways for you to see and follow the path to dreams come true!


We start  on January 20, 2020.  Don't wait!  For a short time I'm offering an introductory price  of $39.95 for a workshop that is worth well over $300!    

All purchases through my website are based on these Terms & Conditions

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