To unwrap your gifts stop doing this...

Newsflash! We live in a world of the ever-growing ability to compare ourselves to everyone else on the planet. There’s plenty of attention paid to the big impacts this can have on esteem. A downstream impact can also affect our ability to achieve our goals.

This may sound pretty obvious, but it’s easy to forget when you’re comparing your life, career, education, and volunteer efforts to that of your 500 closest friends on social media. People have different gifts and passions. When you let both your heart and mind drive your direction then your work, service and goals will align to those gifts. So, what happens when that conflicts with what we think the world says about us? We can lose focus of our hearts and ultimately our goals.

When I started my business, I was excited about being diligent in planning and assessing goals each month. I love to check something off of my list, and I love to see the fruits of my labor. Then I started comparing my goal outcomes to those of my peers. I’d watch their social media posts about events, and exciting things happening in their business and worry that I wasn’t doing enough. My reaction was to rehash my goals, and in some cases procrastinate in tackling the next step toward them. I became further behind, spent more time worrying about it, and not enjoying something that I really loved doing. Has this ever happened to you? Maybe at work or school?

When we share our gifts with each other we can accomplish so much more. I decided to ask for help. I have a few people in my business community who are willing to talk through hurdles and ideas. They help me figure out ways that I can improve and share their expertise and experiences. They are great mentors for me and I am there for them in return. I also hired a coach. This experience helped me see what my gifts are in terms of creating opportunities and meeting my goals for my business.

When I compare what my gifts are to those of my peers, they were very different and the even better news was that I realized that we could share experiences. All I needed to do was ask for the help and understand that by sharing gifts we can be so much greater… together. What are your gifts and how can you focus on them to move you further toward your goals? Not sure? Ask those you respect what they think. Where are places in your life that you can bring all of your gifts to bear and still ask for what you need to accomplish the action necessary to achieve your goals?

Weaving your gifts into your goals makes them so much more meaningful. Having others with complimentary gifts help you is a gift in and of itself.