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Your True North

By now you’ve been working toward goals for 2019 and hopefully have celebrated a few wins. Congratulations! How’s it going? Are you accomplishing what you set out to do? Is it happening as fast as you planned? Maybe you’re right on track, maybe not so much. We could talk about what’s holding you back, but instead I’d like to challenge you to look at what you are focused upon.

Where we focus is what drives our outcomes. You receive what you focus on. It sounds counter intuitive, but if we focus on the things we don’t have, the weight we’re not losing, the time we don’t have, the money we don’t have, we receive lack.

Often people get to a point where they wonder, how’d I get here? It wasn’t quite what I’d planned. Now if you are exactly where you planned good for you, but if not, it could be that you’re not completely focused on the opportunities available to you.

When I graduated high school, I couldn’t afford to go to college. My parents were divorced and didn’t have the money set aside. I didn’t qualify for scholarships and wasn’t in a position to take on debt. I was watching many of my friends go, and although a degree was a dream, I accepted that it was not in the cards for me. I knew however, that I wanted to work in the corporate world making a difference helping people. So that’s what I focused on, getting that kind of work and learning and growing through the various jobs I held. I built a career this way and eventually I landed at a company that would pay for my college tuition.

It took me time to actually decide that I should get my degree. Why? Because I’d already determined that a degree wasn’t for me. I had many excuses not to go. I didn’t have time, I had too much on my work plate to commit to leaving work early to get to class, you name it, I used it as an excuse. Ultimately, I had to see the opportunity available to me, and focus on what the opportunity and its outcomes could be. Once I did, I found ways to make time. In creating that focus I found a way to use my work experience toward my degree to reduce the number of classes I had to take, and I was able to achieve my dream of having my degree sooner. I shifted my focus, looked at what was possible, and the opportunities to make that happen became visible.

So where to do you need to shift your focus as it relates to your goals? Give yourself permission to see things differently as well as the possibilities! If you’d like some creative ways to do this, consider attending one of my Vision Board Workshops. You can find information about them on the events page of my website.

Life is a tapestry. I hope you enjoy weaving your way through accomplishments and lessons to a joy filled life!

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