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Recognizing your True Potential

I’ve found the following steps help you to uncover who you are, through listening to that voice that guides you, often called our intuition. As a faithful person, I have a daily practice in journaling, meditation and finding guidance in reading several books, including the Bible. Through that work I’ve identified these steps in helping guide me to recognize my full potential. They can be applied in any order, and as needed to help you see your truth. In future blogs I’ll dive into these a bit more. For now, pick one or two that resonate with you and work through their meaning for you.

1. Pay attention! Stop and consider the wonderful miracles you see in your life and the world around you. Spend some time looking around you and write them down. How are you grateful for these miracles?

2. Don’t follow blindly. How often do you go along just to get along? When you follow something that doesn’t align to who you are, your energy and commitment to whatever it is will be lower. In that case, no one wins.

3. Have faith in the path you’re seeing and lean into it. I know that when I’m getting guidance that I need to pay attention to, and I’m initially scared or pushing back on it, I need to pay attention to it.

4. Be diligent. Once you know your path, have your vision, or identified your goal, distractions will pop up. No matter their size it’s important to ask yourself if it helps you achieve your desires. Not sure? Listen. Your intuition will tell you.

I’ve been struggling recently in following guidance to pursue a certification that is time consuming and deemed important by others in my work. It may help me in the long term but is not something I’m passionate about. I have the option of giving the certification learning to another. Upon asking for guidance about whether to continue this certification, I came across the following in my reading; The unhealed healer obviously doesn’t not understand his own vocation. Got it! The context of the answer given the questions specifically asked was very clear to me. I was following blindly, not having faith and not being diligent.

5. Celebrate the wins! I spent some time talking with someone who recently finished working through a tough project at work in which they felt like everything was a battle. We started to talk about the wins, and through the accomplishments very quickly a view of the project emerged that allowed us to clearly see the next steps. Through the wins opportunities emerge.

6. Trust yourself. You know the way. Let your intuition and faith guide you. Listen for the queues.

7. Use your gifts to bless others. Don’t know what your gifts are? Start by asking those you love and admire the most. Then intuitively listen for what makes sense to you.

8. Ask for what you need. Often, we expect what we need to either appear or to be understood inherently by others. More often if we specifically simply ask for what we need, it helps clear the space for us to pursue our goals.

9. Don’t compare yourself to others. There is only one you and the definition of success is yours.

10. Love yourself. This matters greatly. Loving yourself gives you the space to forgive both yourself and others. It allows you to grow fully into who you are meant to be.

11. Be patient. With yourself, and with your process. What does that look like? It’s in each one of the steps prior to this one! Jot down some notes on your process. What is it, where are you in it?

Wishing you all the joy and opportunity you desire on your purposeful path. Need help clarifying your vision? Talk to me about a complimentary coaching session. I’d love help you uncover the way!

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