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Your Vision…. From the Heart

What is your vision for your life? Don’t know? Do know, but haven’t spent time thinking about it recently? Let’s spend a bit of time exploring vision. Your Vision! Although it is often discussed as an exercise of thought, visioning is an exercise of both mind and heart.

It’s about setting intention for what you really want in your life and being comfortable and open to what opportunity that brings for you. There are many ways to help you create a vision. I’ll share a few ideas with you. Try one or more of them to see what resonates with you.

Asking with Intention. Read through the following steps and then follow them.

1. Take a moment for yourself and breathe deeply. Breathe into your heart. As you breathe, feel your heart filling with light.

2. Continue breathing, close your eyes and softly take a look at the key areas of your life…. Family, Work, You…. Spend five to ten minutes here. If you find yourself judging what you see, go back to your breath. Look and just see.

3. What did you see? Jot down a few notes. What do you notice about what you wrote down? How does, what you see, fit the vision you have for your life?

4. Identify one idea that you’d like to implement in your life. Be specific and talk about it in the terms that you want, not what you don’t want. For example, instead of saying “I don’t have enough time to spend with my friends”, say that “my friends and I have one evening a week to spend with each other”. Elaborate on how you want your idea to come to being and write it as if it’s already occurring. For example, “one friend each week plans the evening so the rest of us can show up and enjoy ourselves”. Who do you want to participate? When you do want to begin? What is the time requirement for the idea? Be specific.

5. Read back your idea. What other specifics would you add? Now close your eyes and see it. See the outcome, feel the feelings. See how it links to your overall vision.

6. Lastly be aware. What opportunities present themselves to make way for your vision to come into being? Seize those opportunities.

Create the Vision. Maybe you need some time and focus to create that Vision and be able to hone the idea of your life. That’s where a Vision Board can help.

1. Find a picture of yourself that you know to be a time when you were feeling happy. This will go in the middle of your board. Collect a few items to create your board. A small poster board, glue, and anything you’d like to use to add personality to your board (Markers, scrapbook accessories, etc.)

2. Over time, collect pictures out of magazines, online etc. that represent what you want to see in your life. Use your intuition to choose pictures that resonate with you. Paste the pictures to your vision board around the picture of you.

3. Choose one idea from the vision board and proceed with the asking with intention exercise at step four.

Not sure it works? It does take some practice to be specific with your vision and looking for the opportunities. Start small to help yourself get comfortable with the ideas here. Let me share a recent example.

I drive to Chicago often, and rent cars to do so. Sometimes I get nice cars, sometimes not so much. On a recent trip I decided to take five minutes to specifically ask with intention for the vehicle I wanted. I closed my eyes and pictured a small SUV, with leather interior, luxury amenities that were easy to use, clean windows, seats and carpets, and a car that was very comfortable for me to drive. As I pictured this, I could see gray leather, a computerized dashboard, and I could feel the lumbar seats.

When I pulled into the rental lot, there waiting for me was a gray Ford Edge with matching leather interior, heated lumbar seats, and all the bells and whistles available. Exactly what I asked for! I didn’t ask the rental car agency for anything other than a small SUV with Bluetooth. Try this with your day, a meeting, or a planned activity. How do you want it to go? How do you want to show up? How do you want others to interact? Be specific and see how it went at the end of the day.

Interested in finding out more about visioning? Check out my events page for my upcoming Vision Board workshop. Would love to see you there!

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