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why work with me?

My peers, friends and family have described me as a driven, big picture thinker.  I’m also a dog loving RV camping enthusiast, who is considered a pretty good project manager and leader.  When I was a kid I knew that I wanted a few things…  I wanted an important job where I could help people and the work was important and far reaching. 

Fast forward to my career and if you read my resume you’d find that I have worked in the corporate world for many years in a variety of roles that helped people and had far reaching effects.  I began to wonder, really?  Is this it?  When I thought about my dreams and goals, I felt like I knew that there was more to this, but I couldn’t see it clearly.   I was also so busy at that point, living to be great for everyone else that I knew I wanted to dream again and be great for me. 

Through soul searching (and Google) I found coaching.  I decided to pursue a coaching certification to gain skills to amp my corporate career.  But I got so much more!  In working with my own coaches, I started to dream again! While I cherish everything, corporate work has given me and I love helping teams see and define the path that leads them to creative and successful outcomes, as a coach, this has become my mission!  I help people like you see their paths and take the necessary steps to create and achieve authentic, empowered goals … successfully and best of all created by you!   

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Through my coaching sessions with Tara I was able to work on how people perceived me. I was able to improve my relationships with co-workers and am on my way to being promoted. I’ve earned greater respect by others and people …. I had the answers in myself all along; I just didn’t know how to put them into action. Working with Tara enabled me to step back, take a look at myself and work on my actions.

Robin; Grand Blanc MI

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