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Connect with purpose

This is a great way to try coaching with me, in one powerful session, and best of all, learn something new... about You!

Do you feel that you are no longer certain of your purpose?  Do you know that there’s something more for you right there, yet you just can’t see it?  Maybe you're tired of feeling there's no exciting goal to go after. 


Then it’s time to complete your Purpose Revival!  In under an hour, learn why you don’t feel as engaged in things as you used to, why you’re not as fulfilled as you expected to be at this point in your life.


How it works:  You’ll take an assessment and during a call with me, begin to see what inspires you and how you use that awareness to create purposeful goals!  At the end of our session, you’ll have a 10-page report that outlines how your unique life experiences show up in your  response to your current situation, an aha moment because you’ll understand something about yourself you may not have realized and two easy actions you can take toward a goal in the next 30 days, in the pursuit of your purpose.  That's a whole lotta revival for just $97! 

All purchases through my website are based on these Terms & Conditions

Energize your vision!

Come create that picture you have in your minds eye!  Put the dream out there and begin to make it a reality!

Let's create it!  This package is perfect if you have some ideas that you've been working through you and need space and support to create and craft it, and to kick it in gear!  


How it works:  This package is a subscription based package that includes includes the Energy Leadership Assessment if you've not yet taken it*, and four 45 minute coaching sessions with me to energize your vision!  It's a great way to kick it all in gear and begin to see how that Vision can come to Be!  This is also a great package for continuing clients.  This package is $ 399.00.   All sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase.  *If you've taken the assessment, will add one additional session to the package.  

All purchases through my website are based on these Terms & Conditions

Empowered Path

When was the last time you really focused on you?  What you want, why you want it?  This is the VIP Package that will give you the space to dive into who you are and what makes you tick so that you can go after to goals that light you up!  Keep reading  and then let's talk!  I can't wait for you to see what's possible!

Getting to know all about You! 

Sometimes it can feel like we’re different people at work than we are with our friends or family.   We’ll dive into exactly how you see matter what’s going on around you.  This is about learning your unique perspectives created by your experiences.  You’ll understand how you show up inspired and when stress is a factor so that you have the awareness to capitalize on the opportunities available to you.

Nobody Like You!


What do you really care about?  We may not realize it but often we choose values that more closely align with our partners, parents or friends over our own.  What do you value?  If you responded “Wait, what?” you’re going to love this part!  We’ll complete an in-depth values assessment so that you identify your true values and recognize how to make decisions that honor those values and who you are. 

You Possible! 

Perspective?  Check!  Inspiration?  Check!  Next up?  Let’s get on mission, your mission!  We’ll craft your personal mission statement so that you can create the goals and define the paths that will lead to those opportunities that you want to capitalize on.

Your Path on purpose!

What if you had a unique map to follow every day to achieve those goals that drive your passions?  We’ll build your map so that the paths are clear, and the actions fuel your goals and guide you to execute your mission!

Tara is a great coach!!  I engaged Tara to help me move past my fears on a new business venture.  I have been in a holding pattern for years. Literally.  Tara helped me identify what was holding me back.  Through weekly coaching sessions, we pressed through my fears, created a game plan, and I am well on my way to the new venture.  I look forward to engaging Tara when I get “stuck” again.

CJ; Dallas, TX 

Let's talk about it in a 20-minute session just focused on you to determine if coaching is for you.  We'll talk through what coaching is and is not, my style, your needs and if this is right for you.  

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