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Are you a successful woman, in the middle of your well planned, well executed, full life and you often find yourself wondering, wait what? Is this really it?  Or maybe you find yourself trying to picture what's next, but its a foggy view and you just can't tell what it might look like.   


Consider me your personal vision compass!  I help women in mid life who want to re-ignite their purpose, discover what they really want, and create a plan to go after it, so that they are living that purpose and more! 

Does this feel familiar?


You run into a friend from work, that you’ve not seen in quite some time, while out for lunch running errands.  When they ask you what’s new? You realize with defeat and sigh your answer…same old, same old. 

Or, as you drive home from dinner with your best friend, you reflect on the discussion about the silly girl dreams you shared through the years.  You realize quite suddenly that many of the dreams you’ve had you’ve realized…. College, relationships, career, home and travel…..  yet you’re not feeling fulfilled.  Now what? 

Imagine instead


Imagine sitting around a table with your best girlfriends.  You’ve planned this dinner for a while and you’re all excited to spend time catching up.  As you sit down, your best friend leans over and says, so tell me everything!  You are ecstatic to share how everything you’ve envisioned is happening, just as you imagined it!  Most of all you’re completely happy with time for doing all that you enjoy!

Or, you've come home at the end of a day the feeling fulfilled with accomplishment.  As you sit outside with a glass of wine and look up at the stars, you are amazed by how exhilarated you feel by the opportunities in front of you and the absolute joy you feel by doing what aligns to who you are.  You whisper thank you with a satisfied smile. 


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